Adopting a Pet

Benefits of Adopting a Pet

Pets are a wonderful gift. They are amazing companions.

But pets can be a big responsibility, too. You have to take care of them, feed them, bathe them, provide shelter for them, and love them the best way you can.

Because of the amount of responsibility that comes with adopting a pet, some people are hesitant to get one for themselves.

If you are one of the people still undecided on whether or not you should adopt a pet from the shelter, here are just some of the best reasons why you should go for it:

Adopting a pet means saving a life.

While it’s true that most pets in shelters are somehow getting the basic things they need such as food, medical attention, and roof over their head, shelters can still be a lonely place for them to live in. Once you adopt a pet, you are rescuing them from more days of loneliness and giving them more than just their basic necessities. When you take them home with you, you give them a family.

You save money if you adopt rather than buy a pet.

Numerous shelters already vaccinate, spay, and neuter the pets even before adoption. There are shelters that also have microchips implanted on the pets. On the other hand, if you buy a pet from the pet store, you need to pay for everything from the vaccination to the micro implant procedure.

You can choose to adopt a pet of various ages.

Most of the time, pets sold at stores are of young age. Young and older pets can be adopted from shelters. Some people prefer to have older pets because these pets are sometimes already trained by their previous owners. Sometimes, adopting a pet that’s already trained can be beneficial as they already know the basics, such as urinating on designated spots. A young, untrained pet could be harder to control at times.

Regardless which way you go, if you do get. a pet, try and find a reputable dog sitter and dog boarding facility to care for your pet in your absence. Try if your local to the Delta, BC area.