Adopting a Pet

Benefits of Adopting a Pet

Pets are a wonderful gift. They are amazing companions.

But pets can be a big responsibility, too. You have to take care of them, feed them, bathe them, provide shelter for them, and love them the best way you can.

Because of the amount of responsibility that comes with adopting a pet, some people are hesitant to get one for themselves.

If you are one of the people still undecided on whether or not you should adopt a pet from the shelter, here are just some of the best reasons why you should go for it:

Adopting a pet means saving a life.

While it’s true that most pets in shelters are somehow getting the basic things they need such as food, medical attention, and roof over their head, shelters can still be a lonely place for them to live in. Once you adopt a pet, you are rescuing them from more days of loneliness and giving them more than just their basic necessities. When you take them home with you, you give them a family.

You save money if you adopt rather than buy a pet.

Numerous shelters already vaccinate, spay, and neuter the pets even before adoption. There are shelters that also have microchips implanted on the pets. On the other hand, if you buy a pet from the pet store, you need to pay for everything from the vaccination to the micro implant procedure.

You can choose to adopt a pet of various ages.

Most of the time, pets sold at stores are of young age. Young and older pets can be adopted from shelters. Some people prefer to have older pets because these pets are sometimes already trained by their previous owners. Sometimes, adopting a pet that’s already trained can be beneficial as they already know the basics, such as urinating on designated spots. A young, untrained pet could be harder to control at times.

Regardless which way you go, if you do get. a pet, try and find a reputable dog sitter and dog boarding facility to care for your pet in your absence. Try if your local to the Delta, BC area.

Newly-Adopted Dog

How to Prepare for the Arrival of a Newly-Adopted Dog

Welcoming an adopted dog to your home can truly be an amazing experience. Just think about it, you would be able to give a pet a better life AND you get to have a lovable new family member.

While waiting for your new dog to be taken home from the shelter, you have to do some preparatory steps to make sure that your new pet will feel safe and comfortable in their new home with you.

Preparing your home and your family members won’t only make your house a safe place to live in for your dog, it will also save you from some problems that may arise in the future.

Pet Proofing

One of the first things you should do in preparation for your dog coming home is to pet proof your home. Dogs, especially puppies, often wander around and chew on random things. Dogs are energetic creatures, so they might also break some of your items if you haven’t prepared enough.

Make sure that you deal with any cords that are lying around in the house and keep breakable items away from where your puppies are allowed to wander off to inside your house.

Keep soaps and other chemical items at elevated storage spaces where your dogs won’t be able to reach them.

Store your shoes, bags, books, and other personal items in safe places, where your dogs won’t be able to find them. Puppies love to chew on things.

Buying Pet Essentials

Since you are welcoming a new family member, you should treat your new dog as such. Make sure you have all the essential items before your dog arrives, such as a bed, grooming items, first aid kit, chew toy, leash or harness, identification, collar, food bowl, and food.

Scheduling a Visit to the Vet

You should also schedule a visit to the veterinarian to make sure your dog undergoes a check up. This will let you know early on if your dog is completely healthy or if it has any medical condition. If your pet was not vaccinated yet, this is also your chance to have your dog vaccinated by the vet.

Right Pet

Choosing the Right Pet to Adopt

Adopting a pet takes more than simply choosing the cutest, most lovable animal you find at the shelter. While it may seem like a simple enough task to pick a pet that looks most fitting to your personality, in reality, selecting a pet requires a lot of thinking.

In order to choose the right pet for you, first of all, you have to ask yourself about the amount of time and attention you are willing to invest in your pet. For example, if you choose to adopt a puppy, you have to be prepared to spend a lot of time with them. Puppies need constant attention and training growing up. So, if you work from home or have a family member who can stay with the puppy full-time, then you can definitely get one.

On the other hand, if you live alone and need to go to work five times a week, you might want to invest in a pet that can be left for long hours while you are at work, like a pair of birds, or fish.

Another important thing to consider is the available space you have at home. Even if you adopt a small puppy, you have to keep in mind that they are bound to grow bigger in time (depending on the breed). If you have limited space, you might want to choose a toy dog – or get another pet instead, such as a hamster or a guinea pig.

Also, if you are adopting a pet, you should make sure that having a pet is allowed in your home or apartment. Some landlords don’t allow pets at all, while some will allow pets as long as your pet won’t make any disturbing noise.

You have to consider your budget as well. Taking care of dogs and cats can cost a lot because of all the needs you have to buy before moving them in with you. You would need feeding bowls, kennels or crates, beds, toys, collars, and so on. Additionally, you also have to save some money for regular check ups, spaying or neutering, and training costs if you want your pet to be trained.