Recycled Pets Online is a privately owned non-profit animal shelter in Toronto.

Owing to her love of animals since childhood, April Twile founded Recycled Pets Online in 2000.

From the day it was established, Recycled Pets Online has been taking in pets in need of a home. Dogs, cats, and rabbits are just some of the many different animals we have taken care of through the years.

Thanks to the combined efforts of our staff and numerous kind-hearted volunteers, Recycled Pets Online have found loving homes for thousands of pets over the years.

Aside from giving animals a decent home and finding caring families for them, we also provide a variety of professional services for pets.

Among the services Recycled Pets Online offer are:

Pet Spaying or Neutering

Animal Microchip Implantation or Updating

Pet Licensing

Over the years of serving as a shelter for many pets, Recycled Pets Online have received generous donations from innumerable good people. These donations were put to good use that Recycled Pets Online can guarantee that no animal has been or will be euthanized under our care.

Through the kindness of individuals who donated, we are able to give the best care we can to animals.

Remember, “Adopt, don’t shop.” Get in touch with us and change an animal’s life forever through adoption.